Lines We Carry

Lines we carry

We are thrilled to be able to offer our customers home design products from exclusive vendors. If you are looking to improve  your home, the details matter. We believe that even the smallest of changes can make a huge difference when it comes to putting your own stamp on a home. That is exactly why we have carefully selected a variety of unique high-quality vendors for the details you need to make your home feel “just right.” 

Hardware Vendors

If you’re a homeowner working on beautifying your space, we invite you to come in and explore our professional, non-intimidating environment. Professional designers: You’ll benefit from peer review, brainstorming and inspiration. No matter who you are, you’ll be treated to personal, hands-on attention. We’re on your team and will see your project through until your beautiful space is complete.

  • Paris Texas Hardware
  • Aria Hardware
  • Fabricut / Trend Hardware

Wallpaper Vendors

At Design Resource & Fabrics, we know the importance of designing a space to reflect your unique tastes. That is why we have chosen to partner with a select few wallpaper vendors that bring their A-game when it comes to style, variety, and sustainability. Whether you’re wallpapering your bathroom or creating a living room accent wall, we are here to support you on your decorating journey! 

  • Seabrook Designs 
  • Wallquest 
  • Fabricut 
  • Koroseal 
  • Carl Robinson

Trim Vendors

A good trim is like a period at the end of a sentence for home design -- it is a finishing touch that can take the look of your bedding or drapery to a whole new level. Our trim vendors love details and offer a variety of options. 

  • Fabricut / Trend
  • Stout

Window Treatment Vendors

Whether the space you are decorating is personal or corporate, there’s nothing like blinds and shades to provide attractive, functional window coverings. And today, there are more options than ever for ways to customize the look of your beautiful space.

  • Stout

Fabric Vendors

Your beautiful space deserves the highest quality fabrics. Why sort through bolt after bolt at other retailers when you can relax in our beautiful showroom and peruse our displays of designer home fabrics or look through sample books? As Denver’s premier fabric store, we carry a wide range of patterns and styles. If it happens that we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, we can quickly and easily place an order. Take samples with you and find out how something really looks. That way, when you’re ready to purchase, you can take your fabric home and start decorating with confidence!

Decorative Fabrics

Decorative fabrics are a fun and easy way to brighten and beautify your home. We carry a wide variety of quality, designer names. Just one look at our showroom and you’ll be inspired to integrate gorgeous fabrics into your home decor. There are countless ways to use decorative fabrics in your beautiful space. From pillows and drapes to bedding and throws, we’ve got the treasures you’ve been hunting for.

  • Fabricut
  • Roth & Tompkins
  • Norbar Fabrics
  • Trend Fabrics
  • Mitchell/Michaels Fabrics
  • Magnolia 
  • Heritage 
  • Kravet / Portfolio 
  • Barrow
  • Maxwell
  • Stout House Fabrics
  • Lacefield
  • Pentex
  • Charleston Collection by TNT & all other TNT 
  • P.K Lifestyle
  • Swavelle 
  • Sunbrella 

Contract Fabrics

For commercial spaces, look no further than contract fabrics, the ultimate in resilient upholstery. Contract fabrics are up to 5x more durable than residential fabrics, making them the ideal solution for commercial spaces requiring heavy-duty, practical upholstery applications. These high-quality fabrics are specially designed to endure constant use and to resist staining, bacteria and microbe growth, and excessive wear.

  • Norbar 

Designer Fabrics

Designer fabrics create ambience in a room, whether they set a new trend, bridge styles and decades, or evoke timeless durability. While any fabric could do the job, the color, texture, pattern, and weight of today’s designer fabrics offer quality and character that beg to be tomorrow’s classic heirlooms.

  • Fabricut
  • Stout Brothers
  • Roth & Tompkins
  • Norbar Fabrics
  • Lacefield Designs
  • Barrow
  • Michaels
  • Maxwell
  • Sunbrella
  • Trend


Rugs do so much more than cover the floor. Rugs create ambience and influence the rest of a room’s design. Area rugs define spaces and anchor a room while smaller accent rugs add color, style, and texture to the design. Whether indoors or outdoors, rugs add softness and dampen sound to create a sense of intimacy.

  • Karastan Rugs
  • Oriental Weavers
  • Surya
  • The Rug Republic by Uttermost


We carry collections from designers who take great care to create furniture pieces and collections that inspire you. Carefully chosen raw materials combined with quality craftsmanship and construction to create unique expressions of style. They add details that give their pieces a sense of luxury, history, intrigue, and even sustainability.

  • Rowe | Robin Bruce
  • Classic Home
  • Uttermost/Revelation
  • Moe’s
  • Uttermost/Revelation