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We’ve got 3,400 square feet of unique, tasteful, and inspiring products. Stop by next time you’re in the neighborhood—you just might find the perfect accessory for your beautiful space! And with an ever-changing inventory, our selection stays fresh and current, so there are plenty of reasons to keep coming back. In the meantime, check out some of our favorite items here. Enjoy!

Upholstery Trim & Decorative Tape for Drapes

Upholstery Trim & Decorative Tape for Drapes

    We carry an extensive collection of fringe in all varieties of colors and styles. You can add personality to throw pillows by mixing and matching the vibrant textures and shades. Whether you’re looking for lip cord, brush fringe, or something completely different, we’ve got it all!

    In addition to fringe, we also have an excellent collection of decorative tape for banding drapes. You can quickly and easily add style and elegance to a set of drapes by applying decorative tape. Even a clean and modern look can be enhanced by the right use of tape.

    Stop by and let us show you all the ways you can bring your beautiful space to life with fringe and decorative tape!

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