Designer Fabrics

Decorating with Designer Fabrics

Designer fabrics create ambience in a room, whether they set a new trend, bridge styles and decades, or evoke timeless durability. While any fabric could do the job, the color, texture, pattern, and weight of today’s designer fabrics offer quality and character that beg to be tomorrow’s classic heirlooms.

The Designer Difference

Fabric designers are artists with a vision to create a particular experience. They take special care in how their ideas, preferences, and values come together into the form of a textile.

Designers consider how the fabric will function, how it will look and feel, and the mood it will create when applied in drapery, upholstery, or decorating uses. They incorporate cultural influences and style preferences. Designers choose specific fibers and devise the manufacturing techniques that bring their vision to life.

You’ll notice a difference! Designer fabrics create a distinct feeling of quality and confidence. Imitations use cheaper materials and methods, and the difference is palpable.

Match Making

All of these intentional combinations create a sense of personality. When you choose designer fabrics, you create a unique expression of your personal style that will last a lifetime. At Design Resource & Fabrics, we carry designer fabric selections suited for any style, from traditional to modern, for upholstery, drapery, and commercial uses.

We feature the following top designer brands:

  • Fabricut
  • Stout Brothers
  • Roth & Tompkins
  • Norbar Fabrics
  • Lacefield Designs
  • Barrow
  • Michaels
  • Maxwell
  • Sunbrella
  • Trend

Our staff knows just how our fabric designers combine the attributes of textiles into a recognizable style. We know their reputations and specialties, and even invite them to our shop to showcase their newest trends! With our assistance, selecting the perfect designer fabric to translate your idea into a look that you’ll treasure is a cinch!