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Jul 17

The Benefits of Reupholstering Furniture

Posted by Kristin Hibler on Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Do you own a good, solid piece of furniture that you love and want to keep forever? Perhaps it connects you to a time or place that you treasure, or maybe its classic lines and shape feel like your style. Over time, furniture starts to show wear, no matter how high the original quality. It becomes faded, ripped, or outdated, or simply doesn’t suit your home or tastes anymore.

Don’t set it out on the curb just yet! This could be the perfect piece to reupholster. There are many benefits to reupholstering, beyond just updating the fabric. These are our top three.

1. Save Money & Landfill Space

Reusing a piece of furniture prevents a well-constructed, thoughtfully designed, useful item from going to the landfill. What’s more, if an item you already have is made with solid wood and quality craftsmanship, it’s like money in the bank! Reupholstering saves you the hassle of shopping for a new piece, which is likely to be either expensive if you want comparable quality or of lower quality. You can often reupholster with higher quality designer fabrics and still save money compared to buying new furniture. Plus, it allows you to create exactly what you want using the structure of what you already have.

2. Structurally Sound

One of the biggest benefits of reupholstering furniture is the opportunity to repair or alter the internal structure of the piece. Simple things like replacing springs, reinforcing the frame, and upgrading the padding enhance the comfort and durability of the furniture. Once inside, you can reinforce the lines or frame of the piece or make customizations, such as swapping out the legs or changing the curvature and padding of the arms.

3. Stylistic Sizzle

Reupholstering your furniture not only improves function and comfort, it offers the chance to restyle it. Whether you want to restore an antique, update a traditional piece, or simply freshen up your style, our selection of upholstery fabrics offers a multitude of options. Once you choose your fabric, we can connect you with professionals in the best workrooms in Denver to ensure new life and new love for your existing furniture!