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Oct 26

Simple Bedroom Decor Updates on a Budget

Posted by Kristin Hibler on Friday, October 26, 2018

Sometimes you don’t have the resources to do full scale redecorating. You just want to update or refresh your decor and get the most bang for your buck. In this situation, giving your bedroom a facelift is all about prioritizing what’s important to you. Here are 5 simple ideas to makeover your bedroom and stay on budget.

  1. Paint: Painting an accent wall or a piece of furniture is a great way to freshen up your bedroom decor. For those who prioritize color, paint may be the simplest way to redecorate. 

  2. Lighting: Updating, replacing, or adding light fixtures, lamps, and shades brings complexity and nuance to the ambience of the bedroom. The layers of light enhance feelings of relaxation and rejuvenation, while the materials and finishes convey your style. To fine tune the moods in your bedroom, focus on the lighting. 

  3. Window treatments: Fresh drapery fabrics and hardware or custom Hunter Douglas blinds offer a beautiful way to prioritize privacy from the outside world. When you makeover your windows, you create a sanctuary without sacrificing style. 

  4. Bedding: If you want to improve your comfort and sleep, invest in your bed and bedding. High quality sheets are a simple way to create a feeling of luxurious comfort. You can also select cozy bed coverings in fabrics and prints you love.  

  5. Accents: When your decorating project is all about style, we recommend updating the bedroom accents. A single wallpapered wall, or a new headboard or rug can create an entirely different feeling in your space. For a milder effect, bring in a new collection of art pieces, throw pillows, or plants in decorative pots. 

Any one of these updates will refresh your bedroom on a budget. If you’re ready to explore the options for redecorating your bedroom, give us a call or drop by. Our experienced designers are happy to help you bring your ideas into reality to create a beautiful bedroom you’ll enjoy for years.