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Apr 18

How to Decorate with Throw Pillows

Posted by Nicole King on Thursday, April 18, 2019

Throw pillows, often called accent pillows, make a powerful decorative statement. They also refresh the look and feel of a room on a budget. Here’s how to use throw pillows to express your personal style and bring a room together in a unique way.

Color Schemes

Select a personalized color scheme for your throw pillows. Compare your existing decor to the color wheel to identify which colors will complement it. Additionally, the ratio of 60:30:10 can inform your selection of colors for your throw pillows. The rule says to use the dominant color for 60% of the room, the secondary color for 30% of the room, and your third color for accent pieces.

Style: Patterns, Prints, Solids, Texture

With a color scheme selected, it’s time to have fun and express your style! Fabrics offer tons of variety and visual interest to a room. The options for unique combinations of solids, stripes, plaids, florals, or geometric patterns are nearly endless. Here are a few ways to create cohesion while mixing and matching pillows.

  • In a monochromatic color scheme, vary the texture of pillows. 
  • If using just one accent color, vary the prints, patterns, or sizes of throw pillows. 
  • If using lots of color, create grounding by keeping the prints similar in size. 
  • Most spaces look good with 3 accent pillows one small print, one big print, one solid.

Quantity and Size Matter

Choose throw pillows of various sizes and shapes help ensure you have the right pillow for a nap or to support your posture, while creating a visually compelling look. Generally, a pair, or even numbers feel traditional, where odd numbers give a more modern, eclectic vibe to a space. Finally, a throw blanket can often add a touch style without going overboard on pillows.


At Design Resource & Fabrics, we can help you select accent pillows or custom fabrics for accent pillows, to both ground a space and add interest and variety to make it pop. If you’re considering a decorative update, talk to our designers today!