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Dec 30

How to Choose a Rug for the Living Room

Posted by Kristin Hibler on Sunday, December 30, 2018

A living room rug is one of the largest elements of the room’s design, so picking the right one can be a big task. The right rug provides a solid foundation for a space and gives it a cohesive comfortable feeling, while the wrong one leaves you with an uneasy feeling, as if the room isn’t finished. Here are our top three considerations for selecting an area rug or accent rug for your living room.


The most common mistake in selecting a living room rug is sizing too small. The rug defines the seating area and should be as large as possible within it. All pieces of furniture should sit on the area rug. If your furniture arrangement is against walls, only the front legs of all pieces need to be on the rug. Either way, we suggest that your feet to land on the rug while sitting, yet to leave a few inches of bare floor at the room’s borders to create a cohesive space. Proper rug sizing is critical to your beautiful space—and, if needed, custom sizing is worth the investment.

Color & Pattern

As one of the largest elements of the room, choose a rug that balances your color palette. If your color palette leans neutral, a bold color or pattern accents the space. Alternatively, if your color palette contains color and pattern, a simple or neutral rug grounds the design. Either way, there are plenty of styles and fibers to choose from to express your personal taste.


A rug brings softness and warmth to a room, through both the fiber of the rug and the pile, or the fiber length. To add soft luxury to a room with smooth, sleek finishes, consider higher pile, such as a shag rug. On the contrary, you can balance existing textures in your room with a smooth, flat, woven rug. Layering different textures in this way provides depth and richness in a space.

The Right Rug

Let us help you find the rug that perfectly ties your room together through a personal design consultation or visit to our showroom. Our extensive collections are sure to have an area rug or accent rug to make your living room a comfortable, beautiful space that's uniquely you.