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Mar 28

5 Unique Ways to Use Wallpaper in Your Home

If you are home with more time on your hands, you may find yourself looking around your house for things to do.  If you’re into decorating (we know we are!), we wanted to give you some inspiration on how you can spend some time being creative with wallpaper and plan your next interior design project.

Modern wallpaper is something that we are extremely enthusiastic about. Why? Because it can quickly spruce up any space in your home or office — the possibilities are endless! What’s more — unlike the olden days — using wallpaper is easy, affordable, and the sheer variety of patterns and designs helps you get your vision just right. 

Here are 5 unique ways you can use wallpaper in your home. 

1. Backsplash in your kitchen

With such a variety of designs available, your kitchen can look unlike any other, and as a bonus — it’ll be just a tad bit easier to clean! 

2. Storage bins and boxes 

Have storage bins and boxes sitting on the floor or on open shelves? Cover them with wallpaper and see your whole room transform and offer a bit more glamor. 

3. Basement ceiling fun

Give your basement’s main area a touch of bold by wallpapering the ceiling— it can set the tone for the rest of the space. Or, choose a more subtle pattern for the ceiling and have some fun creating and buying other accent pieces.

4. Inspiration inside your drawers 

Line your kitchen, bathroom, or office drawers with a fun wallpaper pattern! This can be a surprising way to make use of another unique motif for your home without going overboard on visual stimulation. And it’s sure to bring a smile and creative inspiration. 

5. Wallpaper headboard  

Don’t have a headboard for your bed? Get creative and choose a unique one to make out of wallpaper. Whether you want a nature scene or a contemporary chevron pattern, the sky is your limit! 

We hope you found some inspiration from this post. Save your ideas and we will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the best wallpaper for your project once we open our doors again. We hope you’re all staying happy and healthy always.