Interior Design Tips & Tricks  

Aug 29

Fabrics Take Living Rooms From Drab to Fab!

Nothing generates interest like rich, beautiful, versatile fabrics. We know. Fabric is at the heart of what we do. Here are four ways fabric will take your space from drab to fab!

Details Make the Difference

Designers craft fabrics with care, from fiber to finished textile. Let the details of designer fabrics elevate your living room. We can help you select fabrics that complement your existing furniture and decor, be it for pillows, a wall hanging, or a custom art piece or accessory.

Upholstery That Uplifts

Select a new fabric for a beloved sofa, chair, or ottoman. Have one of our trusted workrooms reupholster it, and let it exude style for years to come. An accent chair or ottoman in a new color or texture will also refresh the room.

Anything but Drab Drapery

The trend toward minimalism is over, so now’s a great time to update your window treatments with fabric and sizzling style. You could layer curtains or drapes over blinds or shades, or select bold colors and prints which are back in fashion. For the adventurous decorator, consider using fabric as a wall treatment.

Decorative Delight

A few decorative fabric accents in a well-designed room will delight you and your guests. We can help you select fabrics in on-trend colors, patterns, and prints. Whether your preference is for mixing and matching pillows or fabric as art on a lampshade or canvas, a few deliberate decorations can really spice up your space.

Our showroom is filled with possibilities to inspire you and enliven your living room, family room, or great room. Come peruse our extensive fabric collections and see how you can fall in love with your living room again.

Aug 07

The Benefits of Working with a Professional Interior Designer

We talk a lot about form and function—how we blend art and science to create beautiful spaces that fit your lifestyle. TV shows make it look easy, but translating an image or idea into reality requires a defined skill set. As interior designers, we are trained to see both the big picture and the details of spaces. Here’s how that benefits you! 

Avoid Costly Errors

Interior designers think holistically. We consider spatial, psychological, and creative elements. The Do-It-Yourself approach doesn’t and can lead to costly errors, such as furnishings being sized incorrectly. 

Project Management

Designers are a necessary partner for large projects, new construction, and remodels. Designers know how projects work and help keep things on schedule and on budget. We guide clients toward workable designs for their space, but clients make design choices. 

Access to Everything

Designers know about decorating style trends, brand reputations, fabrics, manufacturing techniques, and contractors. We are your complete resource and access to much more than any big box store or furniture warehouse. You can rest easy, knowing that your unique design choices will have both a cohesive look and a functional feeling. Relying on an expert gives you peace of mind about the final result, the investment, and the nuances along the way. 


When you work with a designer, your space can provide satisfaction beyond just beauty and function. You’ll feel physically at ease, physiologically and psychologically comfortable. It’s the main benefit of a space that’s intentionally thought out and curated. 

Finally, at Design Resource & Fabrics, we have fun helping you create beautiful, functional spaces that feel really good and improve your quality of life! Sometimes, we even have cupcakes! If this sounds good to you, give us a call or schedule an in-home design consultation today.