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Sep 29

Bedroom Decor Tips: Ideas for a Cohesive Design

While the bedroom should be designed for relaxation and rest, you still want it to reflect your personality and inspire the start of your day. Accessories and accents that add visual interest are the perfect addition. Whether the color palette for the bedroom influences the decor or the decorations and accent piece inspires the entire design, accessories add beauty, character, and cohesion to the look that you’re trying to achieve. 

Accessorize to Personalize

Because bedrooms are usually somewhat subdued, they’re the ideal place to let accessories convey your style. Some tried and true ideas for decorating your bedroom are to liven up the bed with a beautiful headboard or colorful throws and pillows. You can also showcase a favorite piece of art or select a unique piece of furniture to highlight your personal taste or experiment with mixing and matching traditional and contemporary styles. When making your final selections, consider creating themes that repeat a color, texture, metal, wood, shape, or pattern to create a cohesive design. 

Illuminate Your Bedroom’s Style 

One of the biggest accessories in your bedroom is the lighting. When choosing bedroom lamps and lighting, remember that light fixtures themselves offer infinite expressions of style. Lamp bases and shades offer boundless opportunities to mix and match shapes, colors, and sizes to achieve the perfect complement for your space. Overhead lights also come in many sizes and shapes, with or without ceiling fans, or as chandeliers and pendants. Aside from the light fixture, the light itself can be thought of as an accessory. We recommend multiple light sources to create layers of light appropriate for different activity levels. You can combine elements of overhead lighting, lamps, indirect lighting (hidden source), and mood lighting suitable for your bedroom’s different uses. 

Pulling it Off 

If you need assistance choosing the perfect personal touches for your beautiful bedroom or just want to talk to a professional to get more ideas, give us a call or stop by. Our showroom displays a curated collection of accessories and accents and our designers offer decades of experience. We’re happy to help!