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Mar 28

5 Unique Ways to Use Wallpaper in Your Home

If you are home with more time on your hands, you may find yourself looking around your house for things to do.  If you’re into decorating (we know we are!), we wanted to give you some inspiration on how you can spend some time being creative with wallpaper and plan your next interior design project.

Modern wallpaper is something that we are extremely enthusiastic about. Why? Because it can quickly spruce up any space in your home or office — the possibilities are endless! What’s more — unlike the olden days — using wallpaper is easy, affordable, and the sheer variety of patterns and designs helps you get your vision just right. 

Here are 5 unique ways you can use wallpaper in your home. 

1. Backsplash in your kitchen

With such a variety of designs available, your kitchen can look unlike any other, and as a bonus — it’ll be just a tad bit easier to clean! 

2. Storage bins and boxes 

Have storage bins and boxes sitting on the floor or on open shelves? Cover them with wallpaper and see your whole room transform and offer a bit more glamor. 

3. Basement ceiling fun

Give your basement’s main area a touch of bold by wallpapering the ceiling— it can set the tone for the rest of the space. Or, choose a more subtle pattern for the ceiling and have some fun creating and buying other accent pieces.

4. Inspiration inside your drawers 

Line your kitchen, bathroom, or office drawers with a fun wallpaper pattern! This can be a surprising way to make use of another unique motif for your home without going overboard on visual stimulation. And it’s sure to bring a smile and creative inspiration. 

5. Wallpaper headboard  

Don’t have a headboard for your bed? Get creative and choose a unique one to make out of wallpaper. Whether you want a nature scene or a contemporary chevron pattern, the sky is your limit! 

We hope you found some inspiration from this post. Save your ideas and we will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the best wallpaper for your project once we open our doors again. We hope you’re all staying happy and healthy always. 

Dec 23

Interior Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2020

Interior Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2020

Great news! It looks like 2020 is going to be an inspiring year when it comes to decorating your home! There are a lot of options to choose from when picking the style and look for the room or home of your dreams, and we know it can get pretty overwhelming. So, we have gathered a list of some of our favorite new and upcoming trends to inspire you on your decorating journey. Check them out below!

Here’s what’s trending in interior design &decor for 2020

Wall coverings

They’re ba-ack! Sleek, beautiful, modern, textured, some even in 3d, wall coverings have made their way back from the 1970s and ‘80s. We recommend working with a designer to help you choose an accent space to add bold wallpaper to. You can also pick a more understated pattern and spruce up an entire bathroom or office!

Japanese Inspiration

Austere, dainty, and precise details are what Japanese decor is all about. With the minimalist movement only getting stronger thanks to Marie Kondo and her popular Netflix show, people are turning for inspiration to a country that has been doing minimalism perfectly for decades.

Our favorite features include wood floors that inspire similarity in the rest of the room — specifically wall accents and furniture, and thin lines through the whole home (think windows, furniture shapes, and chandeliers).

Beni Ourain Style Rugs

Incredible timeless beauty is what comes to mind at the sight of these moroccan gems. They usually have a white or cream background overlayed with geometric brown or black lines that create abstract and diamond-like shapes. These rugs give any room texture and style in an understated way. We think they are here for the long haul, and expect to see them being used for decor in more rooms in 2020.

Brass Everything

From cabinet knobs and picture frames to vases and side tables, brass brings color and sophistication to any room. There’s something truly timeless about this material — it breathes beauty and uniqueness into any space. You simply can’t go wrong with brass (we dare you to try), and we expect to grow in popularity in 2020. 

Bold Patterns will continue to be popular in 2020

When it comes to decorating and bringing accents into a space, bold patterns are all the rage. While neutral colors have taken over most of our wall spaces and kitchen cabinets, bold hues are popping up in fabrics used for pillows, throws, shades and drapes. Choose a pattern or two for these accent pieces and they will surely transform any room on your “let’s re-decorate” list.

Sustainably sourced upcycled/recycled goods and furniture

With sustainability so close to people’s hearts these days, many are looking for creative ways to reuse decor they already have, and to upgrade some pre-owned interior pieces. 

When farmhouse-style sliding doors are made from old kitchen tables and bedroom furniture is refurbished with new paint and modern knobs, your space can suddenly sing with style.

Whether you are decorating your whole home or just looking for inspiration to spruce up a room or two, we can give you ideas on how to incorporate some of the trends above into your own unique style! Contact us or visit our showroom and one of our in-house designers will help you get on your way!

Oct 29

How to Choose the Right Fabric Type for Drapes

How to Choose the Right Fabric Type for Drapes

It can be a challenge to create a beautiful room, with a design that seamlessly addresses both function and form. In the case of drapes, curtains, and sheers, you’ll want to choose fabric that meets your needs for privacy, lighting, and insulation. The fabric you select should also fit the scale of the window, drape or hang well, and convey your style through fiber, color, pattern, and hardware. Here’s a quick introduction to choosing drapery fabrics.


Sheers are semi transparent fabrics made with thin threads and a loose weave. They filter daylight and provide a little privacy during daylight hours. Sheers do not provide provide privacy when it’s lighter inside than outside, nor do they insulate. Sheers give a light, airy, feeling to a space. This makes them a wonderful complement to a heavier curtain, when a more formal style is desired or a heavier impact is needed.

Casual Curtains

Linens and cottons generally add a casual, relaxed feeling to a space. The fabrics are woven tightly enough to offer privacy and keep out a lot of light. They’re not as heavy as other fabrics making them easier to care for, but also somewhat insulating. They don’t require elaborate hardware to pleat and drape well. Perhaps the most versatile fabrics for curtains and drapes, linens and cottons are great choice for nearly any style, and for use alongside blinds and shades. 

Formal Drapery

Drapes are generally thought to be formal window treatments, made from heavy, tightly woven fabrics. Fabrics such as damask, silk, and velvet give a sense of luxury and richness to a space because of the unique weaving techniques used to manufacture them. They drape well with lots of pleats and folds, but do require substantial hardware accessories. They typically offer more privacy and insulation, but often require special care.

No matter which fabric feels right to you, be sure to add enough weight to create a finished feeling, but not so much that the room feels dreary. Know that you can add a layer of lining to some curtains or use blinds or sheers to complement your curtains or drapes. Stop by our showroom to explore the options. Whether it’s debating between blinds and drapes, choosing a color for curtains or drapes, or even designing custom window treatments, we are ready to help.

Sep 25

Designers Dish on Stripes and Chevrons

Hello from the girls at DR Fabrics! We love the way fabric can take any space from good to gorgeous. We spend our days in the showroom surrounded by collections of fabric for every season and every style, from simple to luxe. Let us introduce you to a few of our favorite decorative fabrics!


Stripes are timeless and universal. They work with every design style you can think of, whether it's traditional, transitional, contemporary, or something else.

Maddy’s a big fan of this chic stripe from Covington. “It’s farmhouse meets traditional and can go anywhere for anything! Plus, who doesn’t love a neutral?"

Leslie “can’t get enough of the blush and warm jewel tones in the striped upholstery fabric from our Rowe furniture line. It’s perfect for fall!"


Chevron is everywhere right now. After years of minimalism, the excitement of a zigzag variation on a stripe enlivens any design.

Kelly loves the way this blue T N T fabric embodies both chevron and stripes, all in one!

Bold Yet Balanced

Chevron and stripes can make a bold statement. To soften the impact a bit, select a stripe or chevron fabric with a soft texture or a monochromatic color palette. Use them strategically so as not to overwhelm the space. We’re experts at the art of creating a balanced, cohesive look. We love the way new fabric can enliven a living room or refresh a bedroom. Even something as simple as newly-covered throw pillows can make a big statement! Come on by and let us help you select the perfect stripe, chevron, or pattern for your space and your style.

Aug 29

Fabrics Take Living Rooms From Drab to Fab!

Nothing generates interest like rich, beautiful, versatile fabrics. We know. Fabric is at the heart of what we do. Here are four ways fabric will take your space from drab to fab!

Details Make the Difference

Designers craft fabrics with care, from fiber to finished textile. Let the details of designer fabrics elevate your living room. We can help you select fabrics that complement your existing furniture and decor, be it for pillows, a wall hanging, or a custom art piece or accessory.

Upholstery That Uplifts

Select a new fabric for a beloved sofa, chair, or ottoman. Have one of our trusted workrooms reupholster it, and let it exude style for years to come. An accent chair or ottoman in a new color or texture will also refresh the room.

Anything but Drab Drapery

The trend toward minimalism is over, so now’s a great time to update your window treatments with fabric and sizzling style. You could layer curtains or drapes over blinds or shades, or select bold colors and prints which are back in fashion. For the adventurous decorator, consider using fabric as a wall treatment.

Decorative Delight

A few decorative fabric accents in a well-designed room will delight you and your guests. We can help you select fabrics in on-trend colors, patterns, and prints. Whether your preference is for mixing and matching pillows or fabric as art on a lampshade or canvas, a few deliberate decorations can really spice up your space.

Our showroom is filled with possibilities to inspire you and enliven your living room, family room, or great room. Come peruse our extensive fabric collections and see how you can fall in love with your living room again.

Aug 07

The Benefits of Working with a Professional Interior Designer

We talk a lot about form and function—how we blend art and science to create beautiful spaces that fit your lifestyle. TV shows make it look easy, but translating an image or idea into reality requires a defined skill set. As interior designers, we are trained to see both the big picture and the details of spaces. Here’s how that benefits you! 

Avoid Costly Errors

Interior designers think holistically. We consider spatial, psychological, and creative elements. The Do-It-Yourself approach doesn’t and can lead to costly errors, such as furnishings being sized incorrectly. 

Project Management

Designers are a necessary partner for large projects, new construction, and remodels. Designers know how projects work and help keep things on schedule and on budget. We guide clients toward workable designs for their space, but clients make design choices. 

Access to Everything

Designers know about decorating style trends, brand reputations, fabrics, manufacturing techniques, and contractors. We are your complete resource and access to much more than any big box store or furniture warehouse. You can rest easy, knowing that your unique design choices will have both a cohesive look and a functional feeling. Relying on an expert gives you peace of mind about the final result, the investment, and the nuances along the way. 


When you work with a designer, your space can provide satisfaction beyond just beauty and function. You’ll feel physically at ease, physiologically and psychologically comfortable. It’s the main benefit of a space that’s intentionally thought out and curated. 

Finally, at Design Resource & Fabrics, we have fun helping you create beautiful, functional spaces that feel really good and improve your quality of life! Sometimes, we even have cupcakes! If this sounds good to you, give us a call or schedule an in-home design consultation today.

Jun 27

Tips for Decorating Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor spaces used to be where you kept the grill and patio set and let watermelon drip off your chin. These days, when it comes to outdoor living, the sky is (literally) the limit. Whether you want a full kitchen, fireplace, and TV outdoors or just a beautiful, functional space to relax and enjoy your morning cup of coffee or evening glass of wine, the options for creating a beautiful and functional outdoor living space are endless. Here are a few simple tips to turn your deck, patio, porch, pool or fire pit area into an outdoor oasis. 

Set a Perimeter for Your Space

If your space doesn’t have a perimeter, consider using architectural features to make it feel defined. You might add structural elements such as enclosures, fencing, awnings, pergolas, latticework, or shrubs. Rugs intended for outdoor use offer another great way to define a space, and they add coziness at the same time.

Functional Furnishings for Outdoor Areas 

Select furniture of the right scale for your space. Place the pieces to frame the area for your intended purpose, be it curling up around a fire, casual lounging, social conversation, or for dining. Every line of designer fabric that we carry offers an outdoor furnishings collection, so you’re sure to find something that suits your style.

Outdoor Fabrics for the Elements

Use fabrics designed for outdoor use. We carry an extensive selection of outdoor fabrics that resist UV damage, stains, and mildew. They’re designed to be durable and cleanable, while looking great in solids, prints, and patterns you’ll love.

Accessories & Finishing Touches

Outdoor decorating calls for color, inspired by nature! For pops of color, add outdoor throw pillows and plants in decorative containers and pots. Use string lights, torches, candles, or solar lights to cast a warm glow in the atmosphere. Often overlooked, walls in outdoor spaces can feel heavy without accent pieces that connect to light and airy outdoors. Finish it off with a tabletop water feature or colorful place settings.

Complementary Consultation

Whatever you’re looking for, there are more styles of outdoor furnishings available in a variety of durable materials today than ever before! If you’ve been struggling to create the right ambience in your outdoor living space, let us help. No matter where you’re starting from, we’d love to help bring your beautiful outdoor space to life!

May 24

Your Guide to Roller, Honeycomb, and Roman Shades

Picking window treatments for a space can be quite a challenge. Between the rigidity of blinds and the fluidity of curtains and drapes, there’s a vast array of window shades available. Fundamentally, window shades are lengths of fabric, from sheer to light-filtering to blackout, that you raise or lower to adjust the light and privacy of your space. Here are three types of shades that offer the simple functionality of blinds, with the softness and style of fabric.

Designer Roller Shades 

  • Fabric rolls up to the top of the window
  • Best for: a clean, simple, sleek look
  • Great alone, or with drapes, or with a top or bottom treatment, such as a valance
  • Easy functionality
  • Minimal light gap
  • Bonus: available with extra UV protection for patios and sunrooms
  • Bonus: an insulating version also available (Sonette)

Cellular Honeycomb Shades: Duette

  • Fabric shade with a layer of honeycomb shaped pockets that trap air to insulate
  • Best for: energy efficiency and insulation concerns
  • Conveys a more casual style depending upon selection of fabrics, pleat sizes, colors and textures
  • Can be opened top-down or bottom-up
  • Light diffusion and room-darkening together in one shade
  • Bonus: unparalleled blackout capability
  • Bonus: great for doors and specially shaped windows such as skylights, rounded windows, windows that swing and tilt

Roman Shades: Vignette

  • Length of fabric that hangs down flat when closed, but gathers into horizontal folds when pulled up
  • Best for: adding a touch of elegance with ample cascades of fabric
  • Best for: unmatched versatility depending upon fabrics, colors, folds, trims, and opacities you choose
  • Can be opened top-down or bottom-up
  • Light diffusion and room-darkening together in one shade
  • Bonus: an insulating version also available (Solera)

We offer these Hunter Douglas shades because they’re industry leaders. No matter which fabric and opacity you choose for your shade, each one comes with an operating system that works for you and your life. You can select a cord, wand, continuous loop, cordless, wireless, or battery powered operating system. Your shades can even become part of a Smart Home, connected to and controlled by your electronic devices.

Don’t let the options overwhelm you — let us help you! Come into the showroom for a consultation and get a clear view of what shades can do for your space.

Apr 18

How to Decorate with Throw Pillows

Throw pillows, often called accent pillows, make a powerful decorative statement. They also refresh the look and feel of a room on a budget. Here’s how to use throw pillows to express your personal style and bring a room together in a unique way.

Color Schemes

Select a personalized color scheme for your throw pillows. Compare your existing decor to the color wheel to identify which colors will complement it. Additionally, the ratio of 60:30:10 can inform your selection of colors for your throw pillows. The rule says to use the dominant color for 60% of the room, the secondary color for 30% of the room, and your third color for accent pieces.

Style: Patterns, Prints, Solids, Texture

With a color scheme selected, it’s time to have fun and express your style! Fabrics offer tons of variety and visual interest to a room. The options for unique combinations of solids, stripes, plaids, florals, or geometric patterns are nearly endless. Here are a few ways to create cohesion while mixing and matching pillows.

  • In a monochromatic color scheme, vary the texture of pillows. 
  • If using just one accent color, vary the prints, patterns, or sizes of throw pillows. 
  • If using lots of color, create grounding by keeping the prints similar in size. 
  • Most spaces look good with 3 accent pillows one small print, one big print, one solid.

Quantity and Size Matter

Choose throw pillows of various sizes and shapes help ensure you have the right pillow for a nap or to support your posture, while creating a visually compelling look. Generally, a pair, or even numbers feel traditional, where odd numbers give a more modern, eclectic vibe to a space. Finally, a throw blanket can often add a touch style without going overboard on pillows.


At Design Resource & Fabrics, we can help you select accent pillows or custom fabrics for accent pillows, to both ground a space and add interest and variety to make it pop. If you’re considering a decorative update, talk to our designers today!

Jan 22

This Year’s Top Interior Design Trend Is ...

Maximalism! This movement of “more is more” is a reaction to the minimalism of the past. This year, people desire more depth, drama, and personal expression of uniqueness through interior decorating.

Here are 5 things to love about 2019’s top design trend!

Bold Color

Color palettes are moving from cool grays and dark woods to more vibrant colors, particularly in jade greens and rich teals, navy, and bright coral. Some designers are embracing high contrast using black and white color schemes, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. It’s a great time to spice up your color palette!

Fun Shapes & Patterns

The sleek lines of minimalist style are yielding to the softening effects of curvy shapes in seating, tables, light fixtures, and accent pieces. Geometric shapes expand into backsplashes, flooring, and even ceilings. Traditional, global, and tribal patterns all offer exciting accents and Overall, we see 2019 as the year for big, bold patterns to create excitement!

Layered Luxury

Maximalism shifts away from the cool finishes of stainless steel and brushed nickel. This year, mixed metals, textured silver, brass, and gold accents bring an element of comfort and warmth to our designs. The use of velvet upholstery and rugs layered together (yes, really) take textures new levels of luxury. It that’s too much for you, a bar cart is sure to add a touch of glamour to your space.


Yes, green living can contribute to maximalist design. First, it seamlessly incorporates your favorite vintage furniture and bohemian accent pieces, keeping quality items in use and out of the waste stream. Additionally, furnishings and fixtures made from upcycled or sustainable materials bring eco-conscious value with their beauty. To put just a hint of sustainability into your space, bring the outdoors in with natural fibers, lots of living plants, or leafy prints.


While decluttering may seem in opposition to “more is more,” decorating with things you love isn’t going anywhere. Choosing colors, textures, patterns, and accents that mean something to you is a timeless element of design.

The return of maximalism in 2019 gives us a ton of freedom to express our individual tastes, values, and character. Our designers are skilled at drawing out your uniqueness and helping you select the pieces that express it through a beautiful space. Call or stop by to explore how to include these trends in your decor through furniture, fabric, rugs, or accent pieces.