Bedding & Pillows

Customized Bedding & Pillows

We spend about a third of our lives in the bedroom, so the bedding and pillows we use ought to contribute to a stylish, restful, and comfortable space. While store-bought packages offer a perfectly-matched set, the fabric, fill choices, and off-the-shelf design selections leave much to be desired in terms of style and comfort. Customized bedding and pillows, however, offer precise fit, personalized function, and quality craftsmanship in fabrics you love.

Beyond Bedding Basics

Beyond the mattress and linens, bedding typically consists of a bedskirt, duvet cover, shams, and pillows. Here are some ways you can customize these essentials using decorative and designer fabrics.

  • Bedskirt: The floor-length dressing for bed frames can be made from light to medium-heavy fabrics either pleated for a clean, modern look or ruffled for a traditional or luxurious look.
  • Duvet cover: The washable envelope for your duvet (blanket), as opposed to an all-in-one comforter, can be made from your custom fabric, with personalized trim, piping, or other embellishments. It can be used with duvets of different weights and fills, with or without sheets, and in combination with quilts and coverlets. It can even be reversible, so you get two looks in one!
  • Shams: These are easily removable false-front decorative covers for the pillows usually used for sitting up or reading and for decoration during the day. They offer an opportunity to assert your style or create continuity in your design, custom fit to your favorite pillows.
  • Throw pillows: These decorative pillows can be made in various sizes, styles, and shapes with many personalized elements. They add a finished touch to your bedroom, or freshen up another space in the home with a splash of style.

Perfectly Personalized

There are many ways to dress a bed. If you prefer comforters, quilts, and coverlets to a duvet, we can help you create the perfect layered look. Or, if you want to add the soft comfort of an upholstered headboard in place of a pile of pillows, we can help you design it. 

Any way you dress it, our huge array of decorative and designer fabrics is the place to create custom bedding that fits perfectly and functions flawlessly. Our experienced staff of professional designers will guide you through our showroom to find fabrics and details you love so that you slumber with sweet dreams every night.