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Mar 26

Why You Should Consider Custom Window Treatments

When selecting window treatments, there is a variety of available options in drapes, blinds, or shades. Once you have an idea of what you want, consider whether ready-made or custom window coverings meet your needs. 

With off-the-shelf solutions, you’ll most likely have to sacrifice something that you want. We recommend making a list of priorities so that you don’t lose sight of the most important functional and design aspects that you’re looking for. 

The main benefit of custom window treatments is that you don’t have to compromise; custom drapes, blinds, and shades provide practical daily function with a perfect fit and marry the existing elements of a space with your singular style. 

Function for YOU

Even when a standard sized window treatment fits your window, it may not meet many of your other specifications. You’ll find that ready-made solutions require you to make trade-offs between function and form. It can be stressful to prioritize, sacrifice part of the vision, and to diminish the overall feeling of your finished space. So don’t! 

Get the function you need! We can help you select custom treatments that meet your needs for privacy, light, sun protection, and insulation. We’ll ensure that they function your way, whether that’s sliding on a rod, with a pull cord to either side, bi-directional cordless lifts, or a motorized system that operates by remote. 

Styled to Suit YOU

Once you’ve nailed down the function, it’s time to add your personal style. We recommend neutral colors for blinds and shades. Drapes are where you can make a bold statement with color, whether they’re layered with blinds, shades, sheers, or on their own. Choose a fabric from our extensive designer collections

Hang your fabric selection on a decorative rod or track, as a cascading roman shade, or use it on a valance. Create an elegant look by embellishing the fabric with decorative trim or beading, finials, or holdbacks. Or keep it casual with the addition of a rod pocket, grommets, or rings.

Partner with a Professional

While the choices can be overwhelming, custom window treatments are all about you getting what you want. All you need is an idea—our expert designers can help you clarify your vision. Visit our showroom and we’ll assist you to creating custom window coverings that dramatically enhance your beautiful space with your personal style. Contact us today to learn more! 


Jan 22

Using a Color Palette to Choose Furniture Colors that Match the Room

The best way to personalize your home is to choose furnishings and decor in a color palette that you love. For ideas, go to your closet and observe what colors and patterns you gravitate toward. You can also find inspiration from a multi-colored fabric swatch where all the colors work together. We have hundreds in stock to get you started!

Furniture Color Considerations

A great design with a mix of furniture colors considers the whole room and adjacent spaces. When selecting the palette for your furniture and room, consider the following:

  • Newer homes with open floor plans look better with a neutral wall color unifying the space plus large color accents in each room. 
  • The architectural details and separate spaces of traditional homes transition different color schemes smoothly. 
  • Where the colors reside on the color wheel tells you how to use them together, so they “ground,” pop, or coordinate with each other. 

Go Big 

Choose a color or pattern you love for the biggest space in the room first, be it a rug, sofa, bed or table. Let it dictate color to the rest of the room. Apply a coordinating color to drapes or accent chairs. If mixing patterns, use significantly different scales.     

Style It

Accent your room with window coverings and accessories in the colors of your chosen palette to bring the look together. Include different textures and elements of wood, metal, and glass to achieve your design goals. Don’t forget personal details, like family photos, displayed in coordinating frames. 

Bring it Together 

It can be tricky to pull off a great furniture color scheme. The key is balance with the surrounding area and furnishings - it’s both science and art. 

At Design Resource & Fabrics, our expert designers help homeowners and professionals select the upholstery and drapery fabrics that fit your needs and style. If you’re considering updating your furniture or are ready to choose a color palette for your space, visit our showroom today!

Dec 28

Top Treatments for Your Small Windows

Small windows are an architectural feature that often present a challenge for the selection of window treatments. In a small kitchen or bathroom, a small window can add a pop of natural light. In a larger space, the bright light coming through your small windows can leave the rest of the room feeling small and dark. Window treatments provide an opportunity to maximize your home’s beauty and flow. So, how do you select the best treatments for your small windows? 

Function Dictates Form 

Identify what works and feels good about your space. How’s the light? The privacy? The overall feel? Purpose informs style. 

Next, decide what feeling you want to create in the room.  What do you want your small windows to convey?  Soft warmth or sleek lines? A distinct style or a continuous look? Cozy comfort or illusions of height and spaciousness? 

Top Treatments for Small Windows that Make a Big Impact 


  • Hunter Douglas Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ shutters complement any style and offer privacy and light. 
  • Great for bathrooms & over beds 
  • Pro tip: Shutters accentuate a window’s placement. Create fluidity with a monochromatic palette on these coverings. 


  • Fabric hangs across the top of a small window adding softness and style 
  • Commonly layered with blinds, roller shades, or sheers 
  • Pro tip: To dress up a valance, choose one with pleats, trim, or more structure. 

Roman shades: 

  • Offer supreme versatility: fabric choice and trim details indicate the style 
  • Pro tip: Vignette Modern Roman Shades from Hunter Douglas have uniform, contoured or flat-fabric folds, and no exposed rear cords. AND they can open from the bottom, top, or middle! 


  • Classic look for a small window covering with fabric on a decorative rod 
  • Pro tip: Create the illusion of width by extending the curtain rod beyond the window frame, letting the fabric hang in front of the wall. 
  • Pro tip: Create the illusion of height by hanging the curtain rod near the ceiling. 

DIY to Designer 

Whether you’re doing it yourself, or designing for someone else, striking the perfect balance of light, function, and style in the coverings on small windows can make a big impact in a space. 

At Design Resource & Fabrics, our designers have the experience and knowledge to help you tackle window treatments for all of your small windows. We carry an extensive inventory of window treatments, fabrics, and designer accents that maximize your home’s beauty and character. Ready to explore window covering solutions for your small windows? Call us or stop in today!

Aug 25

The Perfect Treatments for Your Large Windows

Large windows are gems in a home. They bring the outdoors inside. They fill the home with uplifting, natural lighting. In the case of sliding doors, they offer a crystal-clear means of exiting to a backyard or patio. So, what are the best treatments for them?

Choosing Coverings for Big Windows

The first step in choosing your ideal window covering solution is determining why you need it at all.

Do you need treatments for:

  • Privacy?
  • Room darkening?
  • Sun protection?
  • Insulation?
  • Decorative purposes?

If you’d like to block your neighbor’s view of the goings on in your home, darken a room to improve movie or television viewing, block damaging UV rays, retain heat during winter and repel it during summer, or simply jazz up the vertical spaces in your home, it’s time to explore the wide range of beautiful window treatment options that will complement your home’s style.

Design Resource & Fabrics: Where Style Meets Function

Window coverings for big windows offer a chance to accentuate one of your home’s most dramatic architectural features.

Say good-bye to outdated vertical blinds and hello to sleek, modern Skyline panels from Hunter Douglas. This exceptional choice is durable and offers quiet, smooth operation. Achieve a clean, contemporary look with roller shades in fabrics uniquely suited to and stylish for any space. Another top choice is a simple rod paired with gorgeous drapes to frame your window. All offer privacy and varying degrees of light control and are a cinch to maintain.

At Design Resource & Fabrics, we’re ready to help you discover the possibilities awaiting your magnificent large windows. Our knowledgeable staff of designers is eager to guide you through the process of selecting the perfect window treatments for your big window needs, and our extensive inventory is sure to add style to your home. Ready to explore the window covering solution that's perfect for you? Give us a call today!

Jun 30

Guidelines for Choosing the Right Color for Drapes and Blinds

Many of our clients come to us for help with choosing the color for their drapes or blinds. Window treatments are a big undertaking, and we completely understand the desire to get it right the first time! In this post, we wanted to share some of our recommendations for choosing colors for window treatments. If you still have questions, though, don’t hesitate to call us—we’d love to hear more about your particular design dilemma and see how we can help.


Functional Blinds

The first thing to keep in mind is that blinds are more functional than drapes. Whereas drapes are often decorative, blinds serve the very specific purpose of blocking light and providing privacy. With that in mind, blinds are not typically changed up very often, which is why we recommend going with a neutral color. Blinds that are a light color are popular because they allow more natural light while still providing privacy. White, off-white, tan, gray, and beige are some of the most popular colors, and we like them too because they go with a variety of colors and allow you to change up the decor in a room without changing out the blinds.


Decorative Drapes

As the more decorative part of the window treatment, drapes are where you can make a statement. Bold, rich colors and patterns draw the eye to the windows and lend vibrancy to a room. Keep in mind, though, that if you choose to make a big statement with the drapes, you’ll want to keep the rest of the decor in the room fairly neutral. Otherwise, the different pieces will be competing for attention, thus creating a lot of visual noise.


Tone-on-Tone with Texture

Another option for drapes is to choose a neutral color to complement the blinds, and add a pop of color elsewhere in the room—a turquoise sofa or large, vivid painting. We love the current trend of using texture to add interest to neutral colors. Tone-on-tone with variety of textures is a subtle way to keep neutral window treatments from being too bland.


We love helping our clients bring their beautiful spaces to life. Check out the wide variety of drapery fabrics we carry, as well as our huge collection of Hunter Douglas blinds and shades. When it comes to window treatments, we’ve got you covered!

May 01

Special Event With Fabricut & Oriental Weavers

Designers, we know you love to see what’s new and trending. We do too! That’s why we regularly invite reps from some of our favorite brands to come present their latest and greatest. 

April 13th was our most recent special event for designers. Representatives from Fabricut and Oriental Weavers came to give presentations. We also enjoyed lunch and refreshments together (because frankly, everything is better with food!). 

The fun kicked off at noon with Kristin from Fabricut. She presented all the new fabrics for what’s coming this spring, and brought the latest catalogs to keep us all up-to-date on the newest trends. In addition to the show-and-tell and great information, she also had bags of goodies to give away! The reusable totes were filled with notepads, pens, keychains, markers, and more. 

Beth from Oriental Weavers followed, and she also gave us a preview of spring trends and fashions. As an added bonus, Beth raffled off a 4x6 rug! The lucky winner got to choose her favorite from a variety that Beth presented. 

After the presentations, we had lunch and a time of Q&A with the reps. This is always a fantastic opportunity to go behind the scenes and learn more detail about the products. We discussed how rugs are made, the advantages to rug pads, and more. 

At Design Resource & Fabrics, we love to bring the interior design community together. Camaraderie, fresh ideas, and inspiration are all born out of the time we spend together. Not to mention a lot of laughter! If you’re an interior designer in the Denver area and would like to be notified of upcoming events, join our interest list! We’ll have more events coming soon and would love to see you there.

Mar 20

Save Money with Hunter Douglas

Ready to upgrade your home with an investment that not only looks stylish but also saves you money? Look no further! From now until April 10, 2017, take advantage of spring savings with the Energy Smart Style Spring 2017 promotion from Hunter Douglas, the window treatment experts.

Design Resource & Fabrics is expertly poised to give you the advice and resources you need. Visit our showroom and browse through the many Hunter Douglas options. Tap into our knowledge about these fantastic products and how to best bring together style and function for your beautiful space.

Embrace Energy Efficiency

Windows are the perfect place to start when upgrading your home’s energy efficiency. Adding window coverings is an easy way to make a big impact on your monthly energy bill, now and for years to come. Whether you choose blinds, shades, or stylish drapery fabrics, adding window coverings drastically affects your home’s temperature, keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer.

Here are some ideas to maximize your window treatments’ energy savings:

  • In summer months, close draperies during the day to minimize solar heat gain.

  • In winter months, close draperies overnight to retain solar heat absorbed during daylight hours.

  • Hang two draperies together to create a tight, insulating space that keeps cold air next to the window and retains warm air inside the room.

  • Adjust blinds to reflect sunlight during summer months, significantly lowering unwanted heat gain.

  • Select honeycomb shades to trap heat and block drafts, day and night.

At Design Resource & Fabrics, we’ve got a knowledgeable staff of designers ready to help you along every step of the way as you embrace energy efficiency in your home. Save money now utilizing Hunter Douglas’s spring savings promotion and save money every day when you incorporate stylish, energy-efficient window coverings throughout your home. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today!

Nov 23

How to Match Furniture Patterns

How boring would it be to walk into your home and there be no color—no pattern? Our home is a reflection of who we are and we shouldn’t be afraid to express it. Mixing colors and patterns in all areas of your home helps to create a space that is both livable and enjoyable.  

The living room is one of the rooms in your home where your family and friends spend most of their time, so you want it to be warm and inviting. Your sofa is usually the largest piece of furniture in the room so you don’t want to choose a color or pattern that is too overwhelming. Using a neutral pattern and/or color for your sofa is the best way to “ground” your room and also to make sure you don’t get locked into a specific style or color.  

Accent pillows on the sofa are a great way to bring in a variety of colors and patterns and they can easily be changed out when you are ready for a new look. Whether it be floral, stripes, or plaid, accent pillows can be combined in the right scale to add interest, color and personality. Mix it up by combining the soft lines of a floral, quatrefoil, scroll or paisley with the more geometric lines of a chevron, hounds tooth, or herringbone pattern. 

Don’t be afraid! For a bigger impact, Ikats, damasks, and suzani patterns also work nicely together. 

The team at Design Resource and Fabrics helps our clients to bring their rooms to life and fill it with their own personalities. With hundreds of in-stock fabrics and numerous fabric books, we know how to put together patterns and colors that will work for any style or look.  

Sep 29

Choosing the Right Window Treatments

Transforming your space can be as easy as selecting the right window treatment. And yet, with more options than ever before, selecting the right window treatment for your space can be a completely overwhelming ordeal. How to choose window treatments can depend on what the function is that you are looking to achieve in your home.  

When debating between blinds and drapes, it's important to think about both form and function. Consider any problems you need to resolve. Too much light? Saving energy? If you require light blocking protection, make sure the drapes or blinds you are considering provide those components. When choosing window coverings, whether it be blinds or drapes, you'll want to make sure you have carefully considered all of the following: color, fabric, type of hardware needed to install, and the shape and size of your windows.  

All of these numerous options will play into the decision on how to choose window treatments. Blinds can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, composite materials, aluminum, leather or vinyl. Slats can vary from 1/2" all the way up to 3" and can be vertical or horizontal. They can be opened, closed and anywhere in between. Drapes, on the other hand, can add more of an elegant solution to windows and can also have a lengthening effect when placed slightly above the top of the window. 

Fabrics for drapes come in an endless array of patterns, colors and options and can be custom made to fit any window. So, if you're trying to decide between blinds and drapes, consider whether you want a hard or a soft material and how important privacy and light blockage are to you. Choosing the right window coverings can make all the difference in your beautiful space.

At Design Resource and Fabrics we can guide you to what will be the best solution for your home. We carry the complete line of Hunter Douglas including blinds, shades, and shutters. If you are leaning towards the softer side, we have over 500 fabrics in stock that can transform your house into a home!